Because the Des Moines River doesn't begin at Hwy 20 and end at Hwy. 92
Trip Reports 2009

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Wapello County Conservation did a good job with this.  Eveland to Eddyville is a pretty stretch once you get past the cornfields.  It was inexpensive to shuttle, staff members were very helpful.


Canoe Van Buren was a great experience.  Thanks to staff and volunteers.  One new plus was the access at Douds.  A minus was the damage to the Austin Park access.  The sponsor, Villages of Van Buren, needs a little moral support if this is to continue.


The Bluff Creek triathlon at Don Williams Recreation Area in Boone County had about 350 participants.  We had plenty of boats to assist swimmers.  All went well and it is a very scenic lake.  I visited the upper and lower ramps at Fraser and Boone Waterworks.  Trail signs are well placed and the new kiosks are interesting and attractive.  The boat ramp at Hwy. 30 is clean, the water is running a little high but should make for an excellent paddle.


Celebrate the opening of the Des Moines River Water Trail - It was a great ceremony and many deserving people were recognized.



Friday June 5th at 5PM Prospect Park Access, Des Moines



5:00—dedication ceremony with public officials speaking on behalf of the river, followed by DNR Deputy Director Pat Boddy presenting an award to the water trails group responsible for the project

5:30—paddle or drive to the historic Riverbend Neighborhood Home at 1961 Arlington Ave (corner of 6th Ave) where a tour of the home and refreshments will be served

7:30—paddle or drive to the Jon Anderson White Riverboat located near the Botanical Center for a ride on the river.


Three designations are planned for the Des Moines River.  The first designation is scheduled for 5 p.m., on June 5, at Prospect Park, in Des Moines.  Contact Polk County Conservation Board (CCB) for more information at 515-323-5300.  The second designation is scheduled for 12 p.m., July 10, at 326 11th Ave. North, in Fort Dodge.  Contact the Webster CCB for more information at 515-576-4258.  The third designation ceremony is scheduled for 9 a.m., Sept. 19, at the Hwy. 30 Bridge Access in Boone County.  Contact the Boone CCB for more information, at 515-353-4237.


Harriet Street access was pretty trashed out.  One call to the city and the crew came in and cleaned things up.  Eagles still very much in abundance, water flowing and levels good for a float trip.
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